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Wagner Real Estate’s Complete Homebuying Guide for Hershey's Mill

This active community for residents 55 and up has been a part of Philadelphia since 1979. Retirees in this neighborhood socialize and gather while hidden away in West Chester, Pennsylvania, amid lush landscapes on over 800 acres of green space with majestic, aging trees. The natural creeks, native bushes, and flowers add charm to maintenance-free homes with eye-catching designs with architecture backed up to the private golf course. This active tenant neighborhood has been a part of the community since 1979.
This complete home buying guide for real estate in Hershey’s Mill from the Wagner Real Estate Group details the perks of living in this community and the features to be aware of when looking to buy in the Hershey’s Mill Villages and Golf Course.

Work with a real estate agent

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Finding a skilled agent to assist in purchasing your Hershey’s Mill home is an essential first step. A real estate agent will support your search by scheduling visits in this highly monitored, gated community and connect you with the appropriate parties as you visit. Their knowledge of the property can guide you as you search for the perfect place to call home.
A licensed agent will understand your needs and find the best available house according to your preferences. They will gather the details on homes you may have an interest in, coordinate a time to view them, and also ensure the properties you’re interested in are not already pending sale or under contract. While this complete home buying guide for real estate in Hershey’s Mill, an agent saves you time and supports your dreams from the beginning to the end of your transaction.

Village living

Each Hershey’s Mill village embodies an authentic style of homes, living spaces, and floor plans. Spacious, upscale single-family homes and luxury townhomes with open floor plans are standard, while some homes offer lofts or second floors for a more tiered living space. Although Hershey's Mill homes for sale vary in style from village to village, the houses are in strategic positions, surrounded by gorgeous landscaping and magnificent mature trees. Foliage and cul-de-sac plots create extra privacy for community members.
This premier adult living community offers an elected council in each village as its homeowner's association. These representatives directly handle the concerns of residents surrounding their homes. Each HOA president makes up the Masters Association, which meets on the first Thursday of every month to discuss community guidelines, budgets, and improvements to the property and its villages.

Gated community

This complete home buying guide for real estate in Hershey’s Mill shows that this area is a gated community. While monitored with cameras, live security guards are employed to monitor the environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visitors must have a visiting pass when entering and leaving the four gates of the facility. If a visitor does not have an access device, they will only be able to enter via the front and main entrance. It will be up to residents to alert security when an expected guest is arriving. Without this communication, guests will not be permitted to enter the community.
Ease of mind is a top priority in this living community, and the staff and management are committed to ensuring residents are careful, well informed, and comfortable.


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This complete home buying guide for real estate in Hershey’s Mill shows that not only can homeowners association fees offset typical monthly bills, but community living presents an opportunity to save overall by conserving time, energy, and resources.


Exterior landscaping and building maintenance come with the purchase of a home. Complimentary snow removal during winter months is a valued benefit to home ownership in the villages, as removing the responsibility of residents for plowing and shoveling snow is a surefire way to save money and time. Clearing out pounds of white powder surrounding a home is a highly arduous chore, and knowing this service takes place daily in the winter months brings great peace of mind to Hershey’s Mill residents.

Internet and telephone services

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Verizon, one of the nation's most popular carriers, has bundled internet, telephone, and television services for homeowners with special savings. This fiber optical network offers fast internet connections with equivalent download and upload speeds. Quick connection speeds allow residents to stay in touch with friends and family without interruption.

Fraud prevention and security scams

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Hershey’s Mill provides information for all residents about attempted scams in the villages if there is an effort to breach resident security by phone, mail, or in person. The security and management teams keep up with current issues and update the community website monthly.

Onsite amenities

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The amenities included on the property are part of the appeal of living in this luxury retirement community. As the premier retirement residence in the county, there are over 35 clubs with plenty of options for participating in social gatherings and other activities with village members.The following onsite clubs and services are available to all members:

  • Heated community pool
  • Paved walking trails
  • Tennis club
  • Golf
  • Community center
  • Woodshop
  • Community garden
  • Library
  • Yoga
  • Full-service restaurant

Surrounding attractions

The Mill executive bus frequently transports residents to county events and festivities in the likes of concerts, festivals, markets, shopping in unique boutiques, and dining in eateries nearby. Media theatres and other East Goshen Township favorites are just minutes from Hershey’s Mill.
West Chester dining options are plentiful outside The Mill, and many area restaurants are accessible outside the property's exit gates. A grocery market and other stand-alone shops and businesses are available to residents inside the Hershey’s Mill Shopping Center neighboring the community.

Health and wellness

Outside of the many clubs and opportunities to get active within the villages, there are many parks and recreational attractions within a short distance from Hershey’s Mill retirement living. This complete home buying guide for real estate in Hershey’s Mill provides you with the list of great opportunities to get active outdoors in nature when the weather permits.
  • East Goshen Park
  • Longwood Gardens
  • The Poconos
  • Valley Forge National Historic Park
The county's best medical facilities are just 15 minutes from the vicinity, with a rehab center only five minutes down the road.

Ready to get started?

The Wagner Real Estate Group is a team of licensed professionals dedicated to assisting individuals looking to purchase properties within this thriving community and other incredible areas from Philadelphia to Havertown. This team of experienced professionals will not only provide education about the surrounding environment, but they are fully vested in helping you achieve homeownership in Hershey’s Mill Villages and Golf Club. Contact Wagner Real Estate today to learn more. They are here to help guide you on your journey!

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