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Why Wagner

Experience all the power of Compass with the support, knowledge and network of a locally trusted and established business that's been built over 4 Generations. Could this help you?

For 4 Generations and 90+ years, we’ve been teaching and supporting our agents to serve their communities in residential and commercial real estate sales through 1000s of real estate transactions.  In high times and low, our process has been refined and adjusted to make sure we keep up with the latest trends and ensure that our services match our agents and customers needs. 

How are you going to grow your business?  2 out of 10 people who get their real estate license are out of the business in less than 2 years.  Do you want to survive and thrive?  Our brokers and management have been in the trenches and understand the fundamentals that make agents successful.  Learn and believe in our system, create good habits and enjoy the rewards of a successful sales agent.

Real estate sales is no walk in the park.  It takes time, action and focus to generate leads and fully satisfy your clients needs.  With our very talented, dedicated and knowledgeable conveyancing group, our agents place their trust in our staff to manage the transactional details and ensure that their clients are served professionally from contract to close.

Our name is on the sign.  We don’t take this lightly.  We live and breathe the business and uphold our values of integrity in all that we do.  We do not put up with poor practices and have high expectations that our agents are accountable as they professionally serve their clients.  Our reputation is our livelihood and we’ve maintained a great reputation in the communities we serve and the among our peers in the business.  

Our goal is to empower our agents and lead by example.  We expect great performances from our agents and our agents expect great support and guidance from their brokerage.  For this we work hard to keep our eye on the market, follow the trends of the business and innovations of tomorrow.  We strive to build positive business relationships with and among our agents through consistent support, guidance and respect. 

When you run a business by referral, serving your clients goes before, during and beyond the real estate transaction is essential.  A reliable network of supportive contractors, service people and community connections enables our agents to provide smart solutions that benefit our clients and instantly raises our quality of service.   We strive to be our customers lifetime realtor.